iCare Childcare
Richmond Mini School





"Ofra really cares about the kids she works with. She provides a home-like, "family" setting and handles difficult situations with ease (behaviour issues, feeding difficulties, social problems, etc.). She is firm, yet loving and the children feel loved by her. She encourages the kids to be the best that they can be and I admire that she is able to impress upon the children that it is OK to try new things. Her well rounded program includes all developmental aspects of early childhood and her "concerts" are well attended and enjoyed by all. The children learn so much! Ofra is always available to discuss your child and any other issues that arise. She is sincere and loves what she does."


"Ofra, a huge thank you,for the days/years of caring for my son at your daycare,making it as an every day fun/celebration for the kids and giving a peace of mind for parents when leaving a kid at your care/hands. Personally ,I think you are good with any kid/parent of all "colours" Beazlaha!"
Kisses & hugs from David & Julia.

"We've got a very good reference being still in Israel. When we came to Canada, and I've spoken to you on the phone, and when I met you, I realized, that "I care" will be the perfect place for Daniel: family atmosphere, hot lunches, Jewish traditions
Daniel feels confident, this feeling helps him to absorb information effectively.

When Daniel is with you, I'm feeling relaxed and comfortable.
Thank you for your love and affection, great care and education that you are giving to Daniel

You are taking a huge part in his formation and we know and we feel that you are doing a great job."